Zongo Coders Programme launched


The first in a series of the Zongo Technology Forum (ZTF) will take place on Saturday, January 5, 2019 at the Community Library near the National Mosque on the Kanda Highway in the Greater Accra Region.

The maiden programme starts at 9:AM and the Zongo Tech Forum is a program of the ZongoVation Hub which will be organized once every quarter run by it's Chief Executive Officer(CEO),  Mahmoud Jajah.

The aim of the Zongo Technology Forum is to serve as the platform to discuss issues of technology and innovations, and how they can be applied to solve the challenges facing the Zongo communities.

During each ZTF, a tech entrepreneur will be invited to interact with participants.

Saturday's forum will among other topics discuss the commencement and issues surrounding the Zongo Coders Program, the renovation, and the refurbishment of the ZongoVation Hub, the British Council and  GIZ Jobs for Youth Project, and the support from the Ministry of Zongo Development. 

There will also be onsite registration of applicants for the jobs for youth project.

Those who want to be registered should remember to come along with their ID cards.

The main tech speaker for the occasion is Kamal Yakub, CEO of Trotro Tractor.

He will take participants through the nuances and challenges of building a tech startup