We cannot succeed if development remains a one-way traffic Ministry to Zongo Communities


Inner-city and Zongo opinion leaders have been urged to seek for the upliftment of their communities as part of the measures to lobby development agencies to help in the development of these deprived communities.


To make the Zongo people know the participation channels at the various Assemblies across the country

Zongo community leaders   must seek the relevant engagements on issues that are key issues of their developments.

For people to know the service contracts of service providers to enable leaders demand value for money

All community leaders to participate in the development process to enable them own the development process in the deprived communities.

As part of this the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) will be tasked to go to the Zongos and inner-cities area to educate indigenes on the need to seek education for their children.   

 The leadership of these communities are being urged to know the budget -cycles of the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).

According to the Ministry, knowing the budget -cycle of the various MMDAs will assist opinion leaders in the Zongo and inner-city communities push for their community-based development.     

At a seminar organized by the Ministry of Inner-City and Zongo Development in partnership with Star-Ghana Foundation, a Non -governmental Organization.

The seminar was on the topic ‘Engagement with Zongo community leaders Service Providers in the deprived communities.

The seminar brought together over forty participants including Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Unit Committee, officials from Jekora Waste management Company Limited who briefed leaders at the seminar on waste segregation.

Other participants are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Public Utility Regulations Commission (PURC), policy planners, budget analysts from the development agencies.

The participants argued for service providers to engage the community leaders in the Zongo communities when rolling out projects.

Key among the issues raised by the participants was attitudinal change, lack of permit for construction, sanitation, hygiene and all possible solutions for the development of the Zongo Communities.

Without a title it is difficult for people in these areas to acquire a permit in the Zongo communities because of the lack of space.

The lack of permit has led to people building haphazardly in the some of these communities.

Farouk Braimah, facilitator and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) People’s Dialogue on Human Settlement, a non-profit organization says it is important to let the Zongo community leaders know the what is expected from the Service Providers.

‘’Make use of the Public Relations Unit committee of the Metropolitan, Municipal District Assemblies to push for developments in their areas.

The participants were also taking through the guidelines for targeting the poor and vulnerable for basic sanitation services in Ghana provided by the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources.