How to prepare Burkina


Burkina is a drink made from millet and milk. It is usually served cold. Burkina (brukina) is one of the most popular Zongo foods that spread throughout the country from neighbouring West African nations. It is very nutritious and has lots of health benefits.


Ingredients needed to prepare burkina. Millet Cow milk or powdered milk Sugar Water


Wash the millet and soak overnight.

Drain the water out and then grind it into a rough texture.

Boil water in a cooking pot.

Fetch the millet into a sieve and use your hands to roll it until you are able to form tiny balls.

Pour the tiny balls into a colander.

When the water is hot, lower the colander onto the steamy pot.

Cover the colander tightly and allow steam from the hot water to soften it.

When the tiny balls become soft and cooked, pour into bowl and allow to cool.

You can add the cow milk or prepare a milk drink using the powdered milk and then stir in your cooked millet.

Add sugar to taste then refrigerate.

Hope you enjoy it.


Image source: Siro 360.