These Zongo foods were for special occasions when we were young


We are a diverse group with roots from different parts of the world. Some were born outside Africa while others were born in Fadama and will be buried in Madina.

Nonetheless, there are foods that no matter what your journey in life, you are bound to have a taste of.

Miyan Shuwaka.

Miyar Shuwaka, Bitter Leaf

Aka bitter leaf soup.

This soup is a super blood tonic, and is good for nursing mothers. In fact, the day a woman is discharged from the hospital after giving birth, this is the soup everybody will taste in the house.

I don’t understand: like, did we born with her? Truly, though, get this soup with TZ or rice balls, I tell you, you go born twins!


dates for Ramadan

This is one of the Muslim traditions that came from the east.

Even if you don’t eat these every day, Ramadan time dier, you go chop some. It becomes like the most popular food during the fasting period.

There are soft ones, which are the best, and dry ones. They are very nutritious too.



For some people, this green grass is eaten only on occasions.


Look, don’t come and do too know for here.

These days we understand the importance of greens so we eat salads more. When we were kids, the only time we ate salad was when a borga arrived in your house. I don’t mean the kind of salad you bought with wakye or rice oo.

I mean the one with mayonnaise, eggs, sardines, and shid! We ate and drank the sauce sef. The next morning, we queued in front of the toilet like goats waiting to suck tits. lol lol.

One-year-old meat.

Tough meat to chew

We, we know ourselves.

One of my grandmothers used to keep meat from one sala to the next. After frying the meat, she will dry it till it becomes tough and hard to chew. You know what?

The meat is actually fried with animal fat!

Mallam, if they throw one in your Miyan Kuka, you will spend the whole night chewing it.


Hausa koko.

Hausa koko with a pinch of groundnuts and served with bread (with jam) and pastries.

Look ehn, some of you have been drinking water-millet. A lot of the Hausa koko they sell on the road have zero spices. Fake zalaaa! Habba! How can you drink koko and not feel it in your chest. At home, they prepare the real tin. Thick one too. Alla, koko mai kauri! You get stomach ulcer sef you go drink. And some of you add milk to the food. Subhanallah, for what! Look, there are only two times we drink Hausa koko: for breakfast, and after asr, before we go to the park to show some skills. #FactsKawai.


Sheep scrotum.

Sheep scrotum

Or goat scrotum. Whoever used to feed the sacrificial animal always got the balls. And it always went to the boys, at least in our home. And so if there’s an animal in your house, make sure you take it out to graze or bring some feed for it. You go grab am by the balls, chale!


Alele, olele, wrapped in leaves

Look, this is the MVP for Ramadan. It goes perfectly with porridge, and is made from beans with a lot of spices. The proper ones have fish inside. Some sell it in reused milk tins, while others wrap them in the same leaves we use for wakye. It looks reddish, and the aromaa… spit will fill your mouth, yaro!


Kafa, agidi, eko

Kafa is a soft, jelly-like meal made from corn flour.

It can be eaten in different ways. You can eat it with soup or pepper, and you can also mash it up like kenkey.

In Zongo, this is the food that sick people who have lost appetite eat.

They mash it up for you and add some small sugar; brother, it is more than glucose!