Health benefits of Miyan Kuka


Miyan kuka in Hausa means Kuuka soup. It is popular in Nigeria, Northern Ghana as well as many Zongo communities.

Miyan kuka is made from powdered baobab leaves.

It usually goes with Tuo Zafi in the Zongo communities.

The dark green soup has many health benefits.


Calcium is readily available in baobab leaves and plays a key role in normal blood coagulation.

People who do not consume enough calcium before the age of 20-25 have a considerably higher risk of developing brittle bone disease.

It is important to note that calcium is not easily absorbed without the presence of vitamin D.


Potassium decreases the risk of stroke, lowers blood pressure and protects against loss of muscle mass.

Potassium supports cardiovascular health, bone strength and muscle strength.

Maintaining a low sodium intake is essential to lowering blood pressure, but ensuring a good intake of potassium may be just as important.

A deficiency of potassium leads to weakness, muscle pain all over the body, malaise, and fatigue.


The body uses phosphorus to keep the bones strong and healthy. It also helps remove waste and repair damaged tissues.

Phosphorous helps in keeping the bones and teeth strong as well as filtering and removing waste from the kidneys.

When a person has excessively high levels of phosphorus in their blood, the phosphorus can pull calcium from the bones, leaving them weak.

Miyan kuka is an exceptionally popular food in Zongo communities. The dark green soup is ubiquitous during marriage ceremonies around the country, and can be paired easily with TZ for a delightful eating experience.