Role Models For Zongo Female Students


The spectacle of a Zongo lady standing in front of young Zongo female students of the Accra Girls’ Senior High School, most of them from Nima, Mamobi and the nearby catchment areas of the school; and encouraging them to see how far she has come through education—is an opportunity deserving of replication across the country.

We wish to congratulate Aisha Salifu, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Zongo Development Fund (ZoDF) for the wonderful speech she rendered during the sod-cutting ceremony for the commencement of work on the enhanced façade of the school, yesterday.

The project was as important as the speech she delivered to the female students because it stood out as a bulwark against the multiple temptations staring at the vulnerable female students, especially in their areas of residence.

The presentation of role models to female students at that level of education is very important and should in our opinion be included in the programmes of the ZoDF.

It can only be conjectured the impact a role model such as the deputy CEO would make on vulnerable female students living in Nima or Mamobi.

Such girls are targets of irresponsible predating male youth who would use all manner of items from fanciful dresses to mobile phones to lure them into paying lip-service to their education.

Source: Daily Guide