Zongo And Inner-city Leaders Reminded To Show Interest In The Procurement Process Of The Assemblies


Zongo and inner-city community leaders have been asked to show keen interest in the procurement processes of the various Assemblies across the country to push for developments.


According to Faruok Braimah, by so doing community leaders in the Zongo and inner-cities will be able to monitor the procurement processes at the various Assemblies to ensure transparency and accountability.


Mr. Farouk Braimah, made this comment speaking as a facilitator at a sensitization programme organized by the Ministry of Inner-City and Zongo Development (MICZD) in partnership with Star Ghana Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).


The sensitization programme being the fourth in the series held in Accra, bought together Assembly Members from the Zongo and inner-city communities, Chiefs, Moslem women leaders, Service providers and planners from the various Assemblies.


He explained that quite often leadership of the Zongo and inner-city communities do not care about the activities that are tabled at the Assembly levels.


The facilitator who is also the Executive Director of the Civil Society Organization (CSO) by name Peoples’ Dialogue said research has shown that many of the leaders in these communities do not show interest in the procurement of facilities for the development of their areas.


He added that this has led to the underdevelopments being experienced in the inner-city and Zongo communities.


He said if members of the community know the activities of the Assemblies, they may be a better position to demand that the public’s interest are made paramount when it comes to the implementation of projects in their communities.


He further urged leaders to endeavour to know the community plans of the various Assemblies to enable them push for the development of their areas.


He added that among other things leaders must learn fund-raising skills strategies for the sustainable development of the deprived communities.


Certain developments at the Zongo and inner-city communities just needed lobbying but many in these communities do not have the skills to do so he explained.


He noted that because people do not take interest in the activities of the Assemblies, and this has resulted in the Assemblies operating as is they are masters when they are supposed to be serving the people. 


It is about time Zongo and inner-city leaders are seen taking active position in the processes of the Assemblies adding this, has been the bane of underdevelopments in many of these areas over the years he posited.


On his part, the President of the Inner-City Council Mr. Sultan Ahmed Nii Nortey Caesar said he does not understand the Assembly concept


There has been this misunderstanding that has led to many putting pressure on elected members like the Members of Parliament (MPs) for amenities that should be provided by the Assembly on MPs.


He said MPs are Legislators but pressure from the constituents have led to MPs now being development implementers which is not supposed to be so.


All this is so because people do not understand the Assembly concept he stressed.


Speaking on some of the issues that have been confronting members of these communities when it comes to service delivery, Mr. George Arthur -Maclean, a representative of the Electricity Company of Ghana, Legon branch said metres are subsidized machines and not sold as many people believe in the country.  


He entreated leadership of these communities to channel their grievances to the Area Manager for remedies on some of these teething issues.