NPP cares for Zongo communities -Abdul -Hamid


The Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development, Dr Mustapha Abdul- Hamid, says the election 2020 manifesto of the governing New Patriotic Party {NPP} has good intensions and catered for the welfares of the Zongo communities in the country.

According to him, the party’s manifesto had strategic plans that were targeted at uplifting and transforming the Zongo communities

Dr Abdul-Hamid, who is also the Deputy Campaign Manager of the NPP, was delivering a keynote address at the launch of the second phase of the Arabic Instructors’ Programme in Accra last Thursday.


Dr Abdu-Hamid said the NPP understood the conditions in the country’s Zongo communities and had made the development of the Zongos one of its key development programmes.

‘Our conditions are not the best of conditions, we are the most if you want uneducated population, our communities are the most deprived, our environments are the most unsanitary.

There is the need for more development’ he said.

Highlighting some Zongo development promises in the NPP’s 2020 manifesto, Dr Abdul-Hamid explained that the party would build sixteen model schools, one in each region that would fully cater the needs of Muslim students.

Arabic instructors 

Previously implemented under the Youth Employment Agency, the Arabic Instructors Programme, which is now an initiative of the Inner-City and Zongo Development Ministry, will offer employment to Arabic tutors to teach Arabic studies in Islamic schools across the country.

A total of Three thousand instructors were selected from Eighteen thousand applicants who applied to be enlisted into the programme.

The pprogramme, which is a two -year renewable contract under the GES, is also expected to address the human resource deficit facing most Islamic schools operating under the Ghana Education Service, is also expected to address the human resource deficit facing most Islamic schools that operate under GES.

Dr Abdul-Hamid said the government was working on modifying the temporary contract arrangements for instructors to a permanent one and, therefore, urged the instructors to upgrade their skills in order to meet the GES requirement when change has fully materialized.

’ I entreat all the Arabic instructors to further their education and not be comfortable with just being part of the programme.

Please do not limit yourselves but use this as an opportunity to integrate into the secular system since most of you are deficient in the English language ‘the sector Minister said.

He added the Ministry was also exploring scholarship opportunities for the instructors to study outside the country in subsequent years.


Dr Abdul-Hamid advised the youth in Zongo communities not to allow themselves to be used as agents of violence in the upcoming elections.

‘In this election cycle, if a politician comes to you to go and destroy and attack others, not a problem , tell them to bring their sons to lead the attacks and  you will follow. It is a very simple negotiation because we need to negotiate our involvement in political parties.

We can’t follow politics blindly’ he added.

Source:Daily Graphic