COVID-19: Zongo Health Professionals To do public education in Zongo communities


The Minister for Inner-City and Zongo Development (MICZD) has announced that it is gathering some Zongo health professionals who have volunteered to embark on public education on the deadly Coronavirus pandemic in the Zongo communities.

According to Dr Mustapaha Abdul-Hamid, the health professionals are made up of doctors, epidemiologists and food nutritionists.

He said they have volunteered to embarked on a massive public education in the Zongo communities for the next three months.

The Minister made the announcement when he launched the distribution of hygiene products to some households in the Zongo communities by the Zongo Development Fund (ZoDF), an agency under the Ministry.

The Zongo health professionals will be teaching Zongo community members how to protect themselves in the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Minister added that in the period of the lockdown, the Ministry distributed food items made up of Rice, Maize, Gari,  Eggs, Beans among others being the Ministry’s share of the government’s food package during the lockdown.

He said this is so because the government prioritizes the inner-cities and Zongo communities as part of the Four Hundred Thousand households that the government targeted for distribution of foods.

The Ministry was also given a responsibility to do nearly Twenty Thousand households within the areas of jurisdiction of the Ministry he stressed.

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the most vulnerable people in the country are in the inner-cities and Zongo communities which fall under the domain of the Ministry and the Zongo Development Fund he explained.

So the Ministry engaged some Zongo people to produce these hygiene products to be distributed to the inner-cities and Zongo communities across the country.

In all, we have Two Hundred Thousand products made up of bottles of soaps, hand sanitizers and about One million face masks to be distributed across the country in the next three months.