Re: The Construction of $ 250,000 (Gh 1,250,000) worth Astro-Turf in Bolgatanga

9th November, 2018


The Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development (MICZD) has taken note of a press conference by the Bolgatanga NDC dubbed “Constituency Watch” in which a number of inaccuracies, half –truths and falsehood were fed to the public and the media in Bolgatanga on 5 November 2018.

We wish to clarify to the public as follows;

  • 1. The Ministry for Inner Cities and Zongo Development has not constructed or undertaken any Astro-turf in any community in the Upper East region. For the record, the Ministry is re- constructing, greening and fencing the Bolga Mobile park plus a borehole whose cost or value is a little over Ghc 400,000 and nowhere near the amount they falsely stated. In their haste to give a dog a bad name and hang it they alleged that the Pitch in question should have certain facilities. It is unclear whether that is a statement of fact or suggestions. Because, under the scope of work, in this contract, it involves re-vegetation, fencing, reserve player seats, goal post and flood lights.
  • 2. Again, hasting to create and feed the public with half-truths, the Bolgatanga NDC talks about short-change in the Bolgatanga project. Fact is that the Bolga project is only re-vegetation, fencing plus a borehole as stated earlier. It does not include changing rooms, reception, or dressing room as that of Walewale and Kyebi. And so the issue of value does not arise. Let it be stated here that your supposed “checks” is a falsehood as the project in question is in Ghana cedis and not dollars. We therefore wish to state that just like Bolgatanga, the Ministry has a similar project in Salaga, Yeji, Tafo and Oda.
  • 3. For the record, Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development has not constructed any Astro-Turf in Navrongo and therefore has no knowledge of what has been attributed to it.
  • 4. Finally let the or critics of the Ministry be advised not to jump to hasty conclusions, half-truths and inaccuracies as done by the NDC in Bolgatanga in a bid to score cheap political mileage. To assume that all the projects are all Astro-turfs and must come with other facilities as you speculated is to say the least is mischievous and ignorant of due processes that ought to be followed and be mindful of the very “taxpayer” alluded to.

We are hopeful these sets the records straight. Counting on your cooperation. END.

Source: Seibik Bugri (Director of Communications)